Tried & tested

Tried and tested, stretched and pulled

pushed to the end of me,

don’t know what’s happening, can’t see the end

wondering where this will lead.

So many thoughts, are swirling about

can’t seem to get a grip,

God of mercy, God of grace

hold me, and don’t let me slip!

Care for my family, care for our needs,

use me in all of Your ways,

open my eyes to see where You lead,

as days pass by in a haze.

Seek more of You? That much I can do,

to You I will trust with all,

protect us dear Father, come get us soon,

I work while I wait for Your call.

“He preserves our lives and does not allow our feet to slip, For You O God, tested us, You purified us like refined silver.” Psalms 66:9-10

ForGlorySake! -Anna

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