Psalm 23 & Covid19

Everyday of quarantine I’ve woken up with Psalm 23 ringing in my ears. Today I realized the correlations clearly after reading a fearful article in the paper on governmental control…

Ultimately the LORD is my Shepherd, not the president or the Governor, or the Mayor, or any other leader. God is sovereign: He wrote my days down, orders my path, holds my future.

He leads me beside quiet waters. God is having all of us rest, stay home, be together like never before. He is restoring our souls. As we allow, He’s getting us back on the right path for His Name sake.

There’s no real fear in the dark valley, our Shepherd is beside us to walk with us and comfort and console our hearts. He will never leave us or forsake us. We are not alone.

God will provide for His people in the midst of this life-threatening situation. We don’t need to fear death, because death only brings us face to face with God. He will cover us with His oil of gladness and fill us with His Spirit, like wine.

God literally chases down “the ones” He loves with goodness and faithfulness, loyalty and devotion… every day of our lives! And we will live with our Divine Host forever: today, in communion with God because of Jesus… and after death, with Him for all eternity.

Have no fear. It’s a win- win situation!

ForGlorySake! –Anna

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