A word I don’t like.

Cancer. Yuck. I heard it growing up regarding my grandfather. I was about 9. Not long after, I heard it again: my uncle, my grandmother, my two older sisters. It frightened me. The biggest shock came in 2010 when my husband 43, and dad to our 6, was diagnosed with colon-cancer. Complications, multiple surgeries, and a long stay in the hospital, did not give me any warm fuzzies for that word.

Here it was again. A lump found, the college clinic confirmed, ultra sound performed and appointment with a renown ENT… all in 7 days. After waiting 18 days for pathology on 4 biopsies, the rather large growth on our son’s thyroid was diagnosed “undetermined, but very suspect.” Surgery for a hemi-thyroidectomy was scheduled.

In the 7 weeks leading up to the procedure, Covid-19 attacked the world outside of China! In a matter of days, it reached our shores and everything began closing from universities to school, restaurants, businesses and beaches. Even dentists and eye care cancelled appointments. It was hard to keep up with how fast news was moving.

In His mercy, God provided one of the very last openings for outpatient surgery on march 18. Our amazing ENT, Dr. Athavale did an fantastic job! We are still praising God, the surgery actually happened. 7 weeks was not too long, 5:30am arrival was not too early, and the word cancer was not even too scary… because we serve a God who is BIGGER than viruses and lockdowns and diseases. He can, He will, He does!

Thank you Dr. A for being the healing hands He works through.

ForGlorySake! -Anna

Glad to be on this side 🙂

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