It’s a becoming…

I didn’t wake up one day with super natural faith. I wasn’t just born trusting God, or believing His every word. I remember as a child being curious and confused and afraid and a little doubtful. God drew me in slowly, teaching me about Himself. He showed me Jesus.

We become strong Saints, over time and through experiences, by choices made. Growth only starts with a “calling and accepting,” after which choosing begins. Choosing Him over others, seeking His way over mine. Dying to self… change. These bring deep roots into good soil, producing Spirit-fruit.

Theres’s a colorful drawing on my kitchen wall that makes me laugh every day. I made it as a preschooler. It’s of a terrified David running away from a smiling Goliath. I was told the correct story, I just couldn’t believe it! Not until I experienced for myself the power of an Almighty God that gives you the courage to stand up against an enemy.

It’s a reminder that I have grown and continue to grow in Him by choice. A continual, moment by moment choosing… to trust and look to The only One Who loves me fully and completely – my Creator and Savior. On easy days and hard days, I aim to keep my eyes on Him. Knowing that He is making me into something strong and beautiful.


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