The struggle is real…

My friend in Germany messaged me about a man on the plane beside her mildly freaking-out when she sneezed. It’s that kind of hour …that kind of week …heck, that kind of New Year.

We’ve had impeachment hearings, talk of WWIII, a global plague of some sort, and so much crisis news flying through the airwaves since January 1, 2020.

Keeping my focus and grounding -takes purpose. It takes will. I get up and make myself open God’s Word 1st. Then stop and pray, seeking His peace of mind before looking through various news articles … I can only imagine what’s coming.

There’s a lot going on in the world! A lot to pray about… and so many to pray for. Seems even the circles around me have stepped into crisis. I’m honored to lift up names and situations before the Throne, but I must remember it takes a toll.

I have to prioritize getting fed and resting (in my soul). Rejuvenation in the Spirit: singing praises, reading encouraging stories, or speaking with uplifting sisters. I need to breathe and meditate on a psalm. And keep aware of all joy-stealers.

The struggle is real. Therefore, may I never lose sight of Who is fighting the battle. He is our Fortress and strong Deliverer. My Hero❤️


Bloom where you’re planted 🙂

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