Speak up!

My mom used to say, the best thing about getting older was just being able to say what needed to be said. I think what she relished was having the courage to speak up and the white hair that allowed her to be heard.

I look around and see that precious few are offering any wise words these days. Or possibly, their practical knowledge seems drowned out by the louder, many, foolish voices. Oh, for the godly to speak up and be heard.

Why are we, who know the truth of God’s Word ever quiet… in our own homes… neighborhoods… churches. God has spent a lot of time preparing us for such a time as this. It is with heart-to-heart that the battle for the Kingdom is won.

I ask God daily for wisdom and direction in what to say and when to say it. I don’t want to misuse what He’s poured in so carefully. Timing is important, but I dare not withhold the truth.

Truth: for instance, of God‘s grace, and the blessings of having devoted my life to loving my husband and serving my family. Choosing them over me. Giving myself and money to God’s ministries. Studying His Word. Seeking His face, daily… above all else.

My dear friends 50+ years, we are the Matriarchs! The baton is in our lap. It is for us to accept our crowns of glory and share Wisdom with those coming from behind. With age comes understanding and less concern what others are thinking. Go in the wisdom of God!
Speak up!


Tricia Robinson Art 💕
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