Messy, Surprising, Glorious

Life is just a mess. “Like herding cats,” my mom would say. She spoke of children but that pretty much covers life on earth. Unpredictable, shocking, amazing… all in one lifetime.

One gets ideas and sets goals and pretty as a picture they may come about. Or not. Chances are… in a re-directional, round-about way. Not as you planned at all. But sorta, eventually. And usually for the better.

Everyday I pray for “eyes to see” – that God would show me His perspective on life instead of my own. He’s so dog-gone patient! Nothing seems to deter Him, and through His gracious timing He gets so much more accomplished.

If it were just me- I’d push on through. Get it done and miss so many blessings! My life’s course has been changed around so often, I’ve lost count. But I would not go back and deviate one iota in how it played out, because those waiting-times and frustrating moments were where He revealed His bigger plan to me.

God has proven time and again that ultimately, He is out for my good and His Glory… if I will just let Him have His way. Oh, the JOY of serving such an awesome, attentive, thoughtful, loving Creator Who knows me through & through and loves me anyway.

Have Your way LORD, have Your way.

ForGlorySake! –Anna

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