All year I’ve been feeling a push… push to pray, to fast and prepare. I’m not exactly sure what for, other than general growth spiritually… in myself and my family.

I had been fasting previously at-random (whenever I felt it was appropriate), but by April I wanted something regular. Thursday at 4pm to Friday at 4pm seemed to fit the bill. The reward became Clarity: noticing more what God is up to.

That time spent gained the catch-word Freedom Fridays as a lightness of soul took place by Friday… to trust and know that God sees my prayer list and cares far more about everyone on it than I could ever imagine.

Now, nearly 40 weeks later, I can truly say I so look forward to that part of the week. I love the immediate connection and purpose it brings. It’s not always food I fast from, but it is a denial of some kind and a specific focus on prayer.

A new year is staring me in the face and I am excited to see what this preparation of prayer will bring. Vision. Insight. Awareness. More clarity… I’m ready, I’m awake, I want to receive all God has waiting!

ForGlorySake! -Anna

I love my time with you, Jesus

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