What I got wrong.

That we needed to be perfect parents 🙏🏼

That if we did all the prescribed things, the kids would just fall in line 😂

That prayer was just for me🙏🏼

That Christmas was all about presents🎁

That coffee was just for the taste😳

That a beach trip was optional 🌊

That growing old came at a certain age👵🏻

That you shouldn’t wear tennis shoes in Europe👟

That you need new clothes every year👚

That “recycling” doesn’t include clothing!🧥

That company wants everything perfect🌟

That loving, keeping, caring for children isn’t a ministry🤱

That moving is horrible🏡

That kids someday won’t come home❤️

That everyone knows their career path early on✍🏼

The advice we got that “Everything gets better” … wouldn’t really happen

IT DID!👍🏼👍🏼

ForGlorySake! -Anna

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