Coming home

After 2 “seasons” and a summer, I moved home. At 19 my father had lovingly told me, “you have 5 years to find a life-support system.” 😂 He did not hold much hope for making money in ballet… especially in San Francisco.

The Atlanta Ballet offered me a job and so, home I flew, back to my old room and purple VW. Driving into Atlanta daily, felt familiar and comfortable. This was the city and company I’d grown up with.

However, something was still missing; I wanted more. Was this all there was: 25 yearly performances a year of Nutcracker, Cinderella, la femme garde’e… ? I had offered it ALL up to God before leaving California. Somehow, I wanted to dance for Jesus.

My Bible and “A Way Through the Wilderness” became my constant companions. Sitting in AB’s break room, reading and searching for answers, I gained some controversial attention. Lots more maturing and 2 seasons later, I was on the move again!

God had heard my cry…

ForGlorySake! –Anna

The Atlanta Ballet 12/86 (I’m far left both photos)
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