Keeping It Balanced

Workouts for me are essential, my hormonal equilibrium and mood depend on them. Not to mention bone health and general muscle tone. But finding the balance is tough!

I swing from seasons of running to seasons of weight-lifting… cardio to core-work. Whatever I’m currently doing seems to allow for weakness in another area. Ahhh how to keep all the plates spinning??

Spiritual strengthening can feel the same. Prayer is an absolute, but so is reading Gods Word! Biblestudy alone is key, but so is meeting in community! Serving at church is great, but so is just being fed! Lots of options… so little time.

I have discovered over the years that different seasons have brought different opportunities and going with what is available has brought me peace. Just like following my daily exercise regime -that changes, so has setting aside a specific quiet-time.

Some days I may only read. Somedays my heart is too full to do anything but pray. Sometimes it’s all study or a podcast. The point being, it’s there, on my schedule and I’m open to connect with my Lord. He will feed me, because I come to Him.

Eventually it’s all covered, slowly, daily over time. Nothing anxious, just consistent. Growth happens. He is faithful.

ForGlorySake! –Anna

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