Exercise the Will

Everyday I have choices: how long to linger in bed, what to wear, how much coffee to drink, even whether to smile.

I can look at my “to do” list and let feelings of being overwhelmed consume me… or just start. Do the next thing. And ask God to help me get something accomplished, believing He will give me enough energy and enough time for today’s needs.

I can choose an attitude! One of possibilities and hopefulness …or sullenness and defeat. I can choose! To look at what God has already done ..or the heaps of prayers that have yet to be answered.

These are my exercises of the will. God has lots of “I will” verses throughout the Bible. Things He Will do! My favorites ❤️❤️ …But He challenges me to flex my will as well. Will I walk by faith? Will I consider His valiant deeds? Will I remember all He’s accomplished?

Will I trust and obey His voice today, while I wait to see answers come? Yes, I think I will.

ForGlorySake! –Anna

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