Feed the Soul

Soul food is usually high calorie, high carb, full fat and sweet! Hits all the no/no’s on any regular diet list. It just tastes good and makes you feel wonderful at the moment.

Sometimes my soul is depleted and hungry in a different way… I need rich food that only comes from one True Source. A romantic movie, a toe-tapping song or a good art project won’t suffice. I need the WORD!

When I feel that ache inside, sorta undefined and distracted. An almost dry, empty, uninspired absence… that’s when listening to the Words of God really fill me up. I take an entire letter -a book of the New Testament- and listen through “the Bible App”-audio.

It’s different than reading (which feeds me also). I can go further, longer and get a different prospective. It’s like receiving a letter written to me, start to finish. Almost a text from God. Personal, tailor-made.

I imagine the time period it was written, probably not so different from today. I imagine the audience that 1st received it… not so different from me. Sometimes I can hear it through a loved one’s ears and sense where they need me to pray.

God’s Word is so alive, so fresh, so today! If you feel dull anywhere -maybe listening will be just the soul food you need.

ForGlorySake! Anna

“Speak, LORD, for Your servant is listening!” 1 Samuel 3:10

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