Counting the cost

Who builds a house and doesn’t count the cost first? Who goes to war and doesn’t plan ahead?

These parables Jesus told all equated to taking up our personal “cross” and following Him. Really? It’s like building a structure to live in? Going to battle??! Apparently so, (says the woman of nearly 40 years at it). Following Jesus has taken ALL I have and ALL I am.

Had I know that at 11 years old, it would’ve terrified me. Perhaps it was mentioned, but I did not understand. Would I have still raised my hand and come forward? You betcha! I mean they told me I could actually talk directly-to-God (!) any time, any where!

Communication was bent from birth. To have the Great God of the Universe listen to me??? Well, that’s just awesome. It took longer for me to see my sin and my need for an identity change (Him for me), but that came too- over time.

ALL of me… for ALL of Him. Worth it every day, every hour, the older I grow, the farther we walk together. I love Him more than life itself, more than any possession. He knows me, He gets me, He love me anyway… every way. He will NEVER leave me or forsake me. He offers treasures untold and 10,000 blessings besides.

My Great Big God, yes, You are worth the cost!

ForGlorySake! –Anna

God just signing His Art ❤️

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