2nd time around: Eat To Live!

Our daughter is still in the Lyme struggle, post SOT Therapy about 20 days, with The Genesis Center and Dr. Sloan. Wow! It’s been a looong journey from that 2014 tick bite and rash… her 2016 health-crash and 2017 diagnosis 😱

It’s all been a process with slow steps in the right direction. Slow but steady. We are much wiser and more knowledgeable on this disease. Who would’ve thought she would be asked to run such a marathon? But God uses all things for His Glory! – and so everyday becomes a look out for blessing 🙌🏽

As far as change goes, I see progress. She’s had fewer sick days and a little more laughter, there’s even talk of future plans. General numbers look better from blood work, but detailed testing won’t happen for quite a while.

In the meantime, Sarah accepted the “42 day challenge” -from Dr Furhman’s book: Eat To Live. Thisnutritarianplan avoids all processed foods, focusing on eating only nutrient-dense plants that are high in vitamins, minerals, fiber, and antioxidants. A total Immuno-therapy!

This will gives a healing body the best fighting chance against all that’s going on in cell structure. It’s come with a lot of pushing from me, so I’m doing it too! Pray for her if you think of it 🙏🏼 This is like a total re-training of your mind & body. Vegan x 10!

Glad to support such a worthy cause 😉

ForGlorySake! –Anna


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