Be still

I took a nice long walk this morning, talking to God. Thankful for blessings, amazed over answers to prayer and frustrated that some issues continue… after years.

I thought of the role of the prodigal’s father- watching, waiting. I think all parents understand. I thought of the one lost sheep who didn’t come to the pen when the others were gathered. Where was he? How did he get separated.

I thought of the Great Shepherd setting out to look. Leaving His 99 corralled behind. I thought of Him carrying that little one home on His strong shoulders. I thought Him watching me as I walked along. His eyes always seeing.

I listened to Psalms on my phone and was astounded again how the writers knew. They were human. They spoke for me -today. God was near and He understood. He had heard it all before, He was not amazed. He saw me. He knows me.

I can trust Him. Blessings. Prayers. Praises. Sheep. Frustrations. I am in His sights. Be still …

and know, He’s in control.

ForGlorySake! –Anna

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