Free to Enjoy!

Fasting weekly for “Freedom Friday’s” has brought some great revelations and insights. My friend Bobbi (who fasts along with me) and I have been amazed to see God consistently give us each a weekly word to focus on. Many times these themes have correlated. 😍

We have mostly been praying for our children and striving to see where God is moving in their lives -so that we can better pray. I think a few other moms have also joined us in this and are seeing new, longed-for developments.

No matter how old my children grow, they’re still my babies. I long for them to love and serve God with all they are. Most of David’s & my training is long past. Gentle guidance and friendship remain. However, fervent prayer cover never stops… What a blessing it is to be a parent ❤️

I enjoy my mom-role – with the kids I birthed and with so many I didn’t. I enjoy these young people! I enjoy taking part in their spiritual growth, even if it’s simply through prayer. I enjoy seeing answers come. I enjoy seeing God at work. He never ceases to amaze me.

God is teaching me freedom to enjoy all that He has brought to my life, and seeing it as coming from His hand, only helps me enjoy Him more.

FirGlorySake! –Anna

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