Free to love my country

How interesting it has been to travel to other lands and meet people who love their countries. They are so proud to show us around and quick to tell us why their land is wonderful.

We hear political discussions and see that, just as in our country, citizens wish for changes to laws and leaders. However, local flags fly high and pride remains. There is no disrespect of their country as a whole.

How has this attitude come to America- that citizens have mixed up pride in the USA with whoever is in office? Policy’s that may be frustrating – with a flag flying because of the history it represents?

…Disrespect for our land? Our name? Citizenship? Those who serve? This seems unique to Americans 🙁

I am thankful to be from the United States. I am grateful to live in a land of freedom that so many want to come to. I’m blessed to have the privilege to vote and voice my opinion. I’m proud to be an American 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

ForGlorySake! Anna

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