HE, not me

When my mom (40) made Jesus her personal Savior, she shared Him with me (11). She taught me John 3:16 and other verses with hand motions. I had a hard time reading and memorizing things because of dyslexia but using signs made it easier.

Everyday dropping me at school she would tuck her thumb in her hand and cover it with the other, “For I am hidden with Christ in God.” Then hold her hand up fingers spread, “Jesus-is -always-with-you” (just a reminder of Hebrews 13:5)

In reminding me of God and His care daily, I learned that life wasn’t all about me. It was about Him. He was my covering and my protection. I was dying to all my selfish ways (supposedly) and He living within me. I was not my own, I had been bought with a very precious price.

I belonged to the greatest King and Creator, forever a princess, royal and loved! Wonderful, precious lessons I learned then and grew into with age. I passed the hand signs on to my kids. I still do them everyday with my girls. The boys, I text verses 🙂

The message, however, remains the same: it’s not so much about the “me” as it is The “He.” Rich and abundant, joy-filled life in Jesus comes with a change of focus off myself and onto The only One Who is Faithful and True!

ForGlorySake! –Anna

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