At 52, What’s New?

I haven’t written in a while about exercise, nutrition and health. I’m 5 solid months into my new year and feeling strong. In January I was still running about 3x a week with weight lifting on other days. I also began a “squat challenge”- 10 squats after every pee, every day!! Whew

By March I was ready to dive in again (4th time) to P90x videos, original series. They are long with too much talking, so I skip to the exercises. I’m coming up on day 80 and adding running back after a month break.

Keto has “relaxed” although I’d say it’s still predominately the basis of my meals. I’m not counting carbs. I do choose fruit & veggies over grains & bread. 2 drinks I consume EVERY day are: water with BCAA/lemon/apple cider vinegar (pre-workout). And a protein shake (post-workout).

My 50s haven’t been so bad… my neck & back ache some but usually from sitting poorly (while sewing, painting). Energy is great and muscles are strong. I wish I could visibly see more of them but thats ok too.

Favorite snacks remain raw nuts (I toast, mix and add Lilly’s chocolate chips), Kirkland Nut Bars and any berries. ❤️ International hard cheese is a daily indulgence. I’m traveling to Spain this summer -can’t wait to try their wares!

My one tip after 1/2 a century: don’t be afraid to eat, just know what’s in it and where it came from. If possible, always eat something healthy!

ForGlorySake! –Anna

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