Warriors in Tiaras

Do you pray continually for your children? Of course you do! As moms, we carried them, birthed them and kept them: fed, rested, safe. Our hearts are naturally tied to them. We know them- strengths and weaknesses. That’s why we pray.

We are prayer Warriors on their behalf!

For years now I’ve hosted a women’s Biblestudy out of my home. I love women of all walks of life, but moms who love God’s Word and pray for their kids… that creates an extra special connection.

A dear friend of mine and I were recently sharing our child-concerns and desire to do more. We started fasting together. Every Thursday @4 until Friday @4, we forgo food and pray for our children. There are no rules here! We just give up whatever personally decided on & pray instead🙏🏼

We have seen some pretty incredible things happening 😳 🙌🏽 and I’ll confess it is not us pushing God around! It is a purposed focus on what He’s already doing in our children. We pray “to support and encourage His plans.” ❤️

We call them Freedom Fridays because by Friday our vision seems to clear and we begin to see the bigger picture. Like my friend beautifully said, It’s Freedom from the worry and feeling like I need to control the outcome…. realizing what God has already promised. “ For me, its the freedom to know He loves them more than I ever could, that He’s always had a grand plan whether I could see it or not.

Our family has walked some very difficult roads between cancer, teen addiction and other tough issues. This is a harsh world all our children live in today. They need us in their court, praying daily!! If you are interested please join us, from wherever you are:

Thursdays @4 – Friday @4. We are Warriors in Tiaras 🙏🏼 together

ForGlorySake! -Anna

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