No more stuff, please

The older David and I have gotten, the fewer things we want. We stopped giving each other gifts (birthday, anniversary, Christmas) more than 10 years ago! Instead we enjoy experiences -like travel!

We asked our children in 2008 if they would consider giving (to others) instead of receiving for Christmas. They actually tried it – which lead to a complete overhaul from the piles of presents. Now we play games like White Elephant and Dirty Santa, and win prizes in silly competitions.

The change up at Christmas also came with a promised beach trip in the summer. A tradition my parents borrowed from their parents. We have done our best to keep it going even when the 10 of us shared some close quarters. It was worth it to play in the waves and chase crabs at night.

Memories of experiences seem to last longer than items which grow old and need replacing. Nothing beats a big group card game, outing to the movies, long caravan rides to see relatives or standing around the kitchen eating batches of David’s fried catfish & mushrooms.❤️

Togetherness has become our constant goal. And it’s been a win, win in keeping us connected. I’m already looking forward to another seaside trip with the family this summer.

That’s about all I want more of – 🙂

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