Gift of Gab

Loquacioustalking or tending to talk much or freely; talkative; chattering; babbling; garrulous.Greatest asset, biggest downfall... my gift of gab. I think I was born with it because as far back as I can remember I got in trouble for talking. I talk alone (-to God) or to anyone nearby… neighbor outside, stranger in line. As one lady commiserated with me, “I’d talk to a stick.” 😂😂

I have learned some self-control in what I say… but still have a ways to go in how often. It just doesn’t bother me to be friendly. And there are so many people to be friendly to! I enjoy their thoughts and stories, especially their God-Story. Hands-down favorite moments.

It happens more than you’d think. A comment is made, I reply, hoping for a smile or laugh, then all of a sudden they’re telling me their life story. It’s rather amazing. If we are shopping on a schedule – all in fun, my husband will say, “keep your eyes down.” Hah -He knows I’ll start talking to someone otherwise!

What a powerful tool I daily dedicate to God, because without His guidance, I could be obnoxious or harsh. I surely have hurt others before. So, oh I pray for Him to help me use “this gift” for good, not evil. To set a guard over my mouth… and anything not from Him – let it fall away and be forgotten.

❤️ForGlorySake! Anna

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