Instant Connection

I long for connection with God. Its a real hunger. I reach for it – seek it every morning. Sometimes it comes quickly, easily. I can feel as if I hear His voice. Other times it’s like waiting for an Amazon package to get here!

Fasting however, takes me there. Right there. I feel near, close. It’s like spiritual magic! Possibly because I’m “all-in” or more pointy focused. I’m not sure, but either way, it’s pretty incredible.

Usually it begins with feeling overwhelmed and anxious about something… someone, to constant mental distraction. I know at this point – it’s time to halt and change up routine. Dedicating the next 24 hours or so to fasting and seeking God brings me peace.

It’s similar to the immediate grasping of something powerful. There’s no lead up or lead in. I just wake up there – connected. More than “moving God’s hand” I strongly believe it’s my eyes that begin to see what He was already doing!

This habit I’ve come to love is not some kind of manipulation for anything, it’s purposed awareness of something awesome: God’s powerful moving in the Spirit! I am now simply wiser in my support and praise as I fast.

How has fasting affected you?

ForGlorySake! –Anna

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