Yes and Amen

?I love “yes!” Can we go?… Can we stay?… Want to eat that?… Invite everyone?… “Yeses” are the best and God gives the Best “Yeses” of all. Today, on Good Friday I’ve been thinking of the “yeses” He’s given me:

Do You know me? Yes

Do You love me? Yes

Am I really included? Yes

Am I truly forgiven? Yes

Will You stay with me? Yes

Will You hold me? Yes

Will I always have a place near You? Yes

Am I part of a huge family? Yes

Will eternity by awesome? Yes

Did Jesus’ death cover everyone’s sin? Yes

Do You let each of us choose or reject You? Yes

Does it break Your heart to be rejected? Yes

Do You wait like the Father of “the prodigal son”? Yes

Do You run to us when we run to You? Yes

Do You long for us? Yes

Were we made for You? Yes

Ahhh the yes of Jesus made all the other “yeses” possible for me. How thankful I am that He was obedient, even to death on a cross – so that I too can be raised to Life with Him. The most amazing Yes!

ForGlorySake! –Anna

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