Carried Along

The other morning I froze in my tracks while gathering the trash cans. Coming across the street not 15 feet away was a long sleek momma otter with a baby in her mouth!

It had been pouring rain for days so the creek by our house was really high. Apparently baby otters can easily be washed down stream causing mom to rush out and carry them back up the bank towards home.

I didn’t know we had river otters living so close… and as I contemplated this it dawned on me that my own babies have washed down stream a time or two.
A little later, my sweet sister-in-law echoed the thought perfectly in a text: “That’s what Mamas do…they go after their children when they’re in trouble.

My children are grown now and I can’t always go after them as I would’ve years ago. It’s not practical or even healthy. But I can cover them in prayer and ask God to “carry them to safety” or at least “to their senses!”

What a beautiful picture the Lord gave in that moment, of Him carrying my babies to safety as if they were His only concern. It reminded me too that He has done the same for me.

What a loving God, even when we play on the edge doing things our way… and the strong current catches, carrying us off, He’s close behind ready to rescue and bring us back Home ❤️🙏🏼

ForGlorySake! –Anna

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