Far from perfect

I remember bringing our 1st baby home from the hospital and a dear friend told me, “Welcome to the wonderful world of guilt.” 😂 She was being funny of course, but she was also right, I did begin to feel guilty about nearly everything.

Whatever happened to go wrong with our little one, I felt somehow to-blame. Totally self imposed! And as we added more children and they grew bigger, so grew my guilt feelings.

Many years with 6 kids, have brought some big hairy deals! Going through “parent-support” with our son’s outpatient recovery, brought the biggest eye-opener. We learned “The 3 Cs” repeated as a group: “I didn’t cause it, I can’t control it, I can not change it.” This statement brought me face to face with my deep rooted mom-guilt.

Then I thought of God… a perfect parent, yet His kids were totally screwed up!
Yes, I was far from perfect, but God had allowed “free will” for every soul. Everyone reaches the age when theyknow how to reject evil and choose what is good.” (Isaiah 7:16) My children made personal choices. And the older they became, the harder it was for me to control anything about their lives.

It dawned on me that only He could do anything with them. He was not afraid or befuddled or without resources. He was not daunted or worried or feeling guilty. He knew me and all my failings long before they were born, He had a plan and a purpose. Nothing was hopeless!

All the more Glory for Him as our precious offspring find their way… and so, I asked forgiveness for my own shortcomings, opened my hands and let go.
And that’s where I live, guilt-free.

ForGlorySake! –Anna

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