The GOD of…

It’s January so I’ve started my read through the Bible again. The schedule always begins in Genesis with Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. Their stories come alive when I dive into a new version of the Bible.

New things pop up when I take the time to journal questions, searching for anything I may have missed before. The stories of these 3 main characters are rather messy! And yet afterwards, God is named “the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob.” (?)

I began to ponder and so I asked Him, “Do You mind being named for mortals when GOD Almighty pretty much covers it? They were just people after all, so human, so fallible, so disappointing sometimes… like me.”

*Now I want to be careful when I say GOD answered me – maybe “impressed on me” is better. Either way I’m sure I couldn’t come up with this alone.
The response: “I am named after these people NOT because of the choices they made, but because of the miraculous wonders I performed in and through them.”

Wow… on that count, He is the GOD of me and my family… He is the God of you and yours too. He has done far more than we ever could’ve asked for or imagined! Everything performed in our lives simply for His Glory Sake.

What an amazing GOD You are. Never defined by my choices or failings, but by YOUR awesome works in my life. May Your name continue to be made great in Your children. ❤️
ForGlorySake! Anna

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