So glad I’m not young anymore-

I love the movie Gigi❤️ Our kids grew up well versed in all the classics – movies with singing and dancing included. Gigi has it all with a moral epiphany to boot.

One of the older characters sings, “I’m so glad I’m not young anymore” and I quite agree. It’s a blessing to grow old from living life and loving others. Experiences and adventures have weathered me to a softer more laid-back self.

My husband and I laughed this weekend over not caring as much what “others” think, yet caring greatly about where they are headed. We marveled at how predictable human nature is and how recurring life’s lessons are.

Old love was the highlight topic: rich and well-seasoned from years of memories, requiring no explanation to one another. A look, a laugh, a quote can say so much! The other just “gets it.” Our longings for our kids are the same… our waiting the same.

I may miss tighter skin and smoother muscles, quick recall and energy ALL day, but I do appreciate age with its gift of wisdom. We are not in our prime, yet still have much to give.

Lord help us to finish strong in the next half!
ForGlorySake! –Anna
Thank you Kelly S for the box❤️

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