I Give Up!

For the new year – I give up
My will -for His
My need to know why -for just letting go.
My want list -for His
My timetable -for His
My “way it will all play out” -for His
I am surrendering in a good way. God has heard my pleas and has reminded me again and again: change begins in the heart. Only He can do that kind of work so…
It’s His and His alone to initiate. I will be at peace with His pace and His progress. And just because I can’t see it, means nothing. He’s always moving. And it’s promised to be more than I could ask or think.
No place will offer me a better view than at His feet… eyes fixed on Him… waiting expectantly… fully at peace. 
A good place to start the new year.
ForGlorySake! –Anna

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