Thankful for it all…

What a wonderful 2018 Christmas! A season full of blessings after a rough fall for David… for all of us. His “mysterious lung mass” was still hanging on after 2.5 months of antibiotic infusions! Amazingly his Dr allowed him to travel to Italy in October for a family wedding.
Most astounding was after the round of oral medication (while traveling) when his follow-up CT came back completely clear!! A miraculous healing no one could explain. It was simply a gift given. The infection remains “unknown.”
Just when I wanted to rest in the peace of his recovery and get back to a normal schedule… we were thrown into chaos over medical coverage with our “sharing program.” Negotiations with physicians and hospitals and laboratories took me hours of paperwork and phone calls each day. 
Then, right before Christmas, another miracle came. One I can’t hardly explain other than to say: God intervened. An executive was directly contacted, strings were pulled, funds were sent and a ginormous bill was paid. 
I still don’t understand the why of all these stresses and strains… yet another illness & hospital stay… or the crazy haggling over accounts and bills. Really?? I’ve just stopped guessing. I’ve let it be. He is God, He loves us. 
That He knows -is enough. 
I choose to be Thankful for it all.
“I will keep praying and fasting and setting my heart with Hopeful anticipation for what lies ahead. I know You hear me. I don’t need to know why – only that You know the way. That is enough. I do ask, however: ‘Use it, LORD.’ In Jesus’ name.”
ForGlorySake! –Anna

From the car 🙂

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