Morning Marvels

I’m looking at the photo over my mantle of happy faces on a 4th of July evening. 2 high school graduates, no marriages yet, 1 still in middle school! My parents were alive and life was in full- swing.
So many changes since then. I made a quick list of all God has seen us through, not to feel pitiful, but to praise and thank Him for His divine intervention and help. It’s a marvel!
Always hard to see in the moment how things will turn out. Things that were a big deal – are now simply over. I remember worrying over my car’s transmission for example… haven’t thought of that car in years!
Interesting how time marches on. Problems fade, new ones appear and when I look back I see that God has always shown us the way through. He has been there everyday, feast and famine, giving me the strength and perspective I needed.
So today is just a new chapter in an old book of His faithfulness. The same yesterday, today and foverever… I have nothing to fear! Only excitement for what’s ahead and all He will do through us ❤️
Me… useful. Now that’s a marvel 😉
ForGlorySake! –Anna

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