Every opportunity!

I have been so inspired by the people of Italy (especially those along the coast) to use all I’ve been allotted. Every space, every square inch they own is utilized for its maximum potential.
From tiny efficient apartments to sheer hillside gardens, nothing is wasted. And nearly everyone cultivates something. I was surprised to see just a few square feet by a wall growing: grapes… or lemons, grapefruits, eggplants & tomatoes.
It wasn’t so much what was packed in -just “thatthey found a way to it. No matter how small or seemly improbable! I want to be as industrious and creative with what God has given me: time, Truth, love… Jesus. 
God has been so very gracious. He has shown me His Good News of salvation for ALL mankind. May I continue to invest in others, what He has invested so patiently in me. I’m heading home feeling renewed hope in cultivating my little field ❤️
“Wait on the LORD” – Faithfulness yields great reward (‭‭Luke‬ ‭19:26‬).
ForGlorySake!  Anna

Terrace gardening, Amalfi Coast, Italy.

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