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Traveling in Italy has been a real learning experience! It’s all very different from my home in the US but a good eye-opener to how others live.

For the most part: THIS a dryer! Washers are small, so clothes are worn more than once ✅

The smaller “sink” on the left is for washing anything soiled after toilet use 😉 Just sit and rinse. The nossle twists up or down as needed. Hand soap and towels are close by.

Showers can be creatively small, like this little telephone booth.

Recycling is VERY important (even out on the streets)! I look at the labels to see what goes where.

Windows open both from the top and from the side. The handle direction allows for maneuvering. There are NO screens.

Coffee pots look more like this than a “Mr Coffee”… I traveled with Starbucks “Via packs” just incase.
Don’t judge a building by the exterior! Inside I have found apartments to be smart and modern, efficient space-savers with all the needs of life 😉

Fall has been a great time to travel since air & heat -are available, but regulated. I brought a tiny white-noise machine that muffles most of the cars, honking and church bells.

A, #1, Important (in my opinion) bring comfortable shoes! Take a 6 or 7 mile test-walk in them before deciding what to pack 😂
ForGlorySake! – Anna

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