Letting Go

Ahhh why is it so hard sometimes to trust and believe that “God has it”? Just when I think I’ve made all this progress in letting go… a new situation pops up and I’m overwhelmed. Struggling. 😝
This fall it came by way of leaving our youngest (not that young) girls alone while we traveled to a family wedding out of the country. True – one of the drivers had her license all of 6 days!!! True – Most of our adult children were also out of town. And true – both had challenging school loads to juggle.
But where was my peace that God would be there? Where was my faith that He loves more – cares more – watches far more – than I do (or can)?! Through it all I was gently reassured and repeatedly reminded He was on duty. Scripture passages, sermons, friends and family were sent to encourage me.
Opening my hands in my lap, on my knees in my closet, I let it all go… again… and again. I was never reprimanded or scolded. Just loved because that’s all my Father wants- from me… to come humbly to Him even when I’m afraid. 
 “All is well child” …and, it was.
ForGlorySake! –Anna

-Beth Moore

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