Sickness Crisis! What I've learned…

Too many trips to the ER with family members and friends. Too many bedside stays in a hospital. Nowhere else in life have I experienced such closeness to God… and such distance! In crisis, what I’ve learned:

  • God is near whether I feel Him or not. I can ALWAYS look back and see Him. Read Esther again & Know.
  • Another’s pain is not my pain. I am called to serve, to pray, to support. But I cannot take the pain on. Breathe and trust. Put them squarely in God’s hands. Only He can bare that burden.
  • Don’t panic! God doesn’t panic -ever. Look for information, listen to reason, trust the professionals. Pray for God to guide them!!!
  • Professionals (Doctors, staff) are only human yet God works through them on your behalf. Ignore bedside manner! It’s their skill you need. Rarely have I ever had to ask Him to remove staff 😉
  • It’s in the waiting that we grow. Many, many times health crisis leads to tests that lead to waiting. Never fun- but GROWTH x10 happens as we rest on the Word of God.
  • Nothing is ever wasted!!! So remember wherever we go we are Ambassadors of God’s Kingdom. Nothing says “I’m a follower of Jesus” like a pleasant additude that’s concerned for others.
  • Lastly, fasting and getting others to pray along with you makes a difference! Exactly why and how it does, I can’t explain. Read James – it matters!

At some point everyone experiences these moments in their own life or a loved ones. You’re not alone. God is there.
ForGlorySake! –Anna

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