I love to study the Bible! I love to read commentaries and learn the meaning of Greek and Hebrew words. It enriches the Scriptures so much. Things come alive with fresh meaning I’ve read 100 times.
But the LORD, the God of hosts, the LORD is His name. Therefore turn to God; keep mercy and justice, and wait for God continually. Hosea 12:6-7 Hebrew to English
All the words in this verse have offered wonderful rabbit-trails for me, but the “wait for God” in particular has grabbed my heart. Qavah means literally –people waiting expectantly for the LORD of angel armies to intervene on their behalf! They believe He will.
Total confidence that God intervenes for me comes from making sure I turn to God and keep mercy and justice (truth, rightness) ahead of any other goal. In other words: do life the way God would want it done… completely loving.

  • Qavah on God for whatever is seemingly unjust or unmerciful in my world today.
  • Qavah for Him to act on my behalf as I  turn toward Him with hope.
  • Qavah while I keep on being merciful and just to those around me.

The LORD of heaven and earth has a miriad of angels that serve Him and He will intervene for me …at just the right moment …if  I will only qavah ❤️
ForGlorySake!- Anna

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