Tactics of the enemy

Fear and discouragement seem to always be the enemy’s tactic of choice, because irritatingly, those always work! “I’m afraid God won’t come through and such and such might happen…”  or “things never seem to work out for me… if I don’t fight for this or that, it isn’t going to happen.”
Heard that before? Said it yourself? I have. 
Ezra 4 talks about opposition to a good plan, telling that -the enemies of Israel tried to discourage the people doing God’s work and make them afraid. It doesn’t usually take much. Seems we humans fall for it time after time. 
Obstacle  = discouragement, which leads to fear. 
I fell for it yesterday and waisted a bunch of my day. Until I remembered, we are not to fear (Said over 360 times in the Bible!) and we are to be encouraged. God is the One on the throne in heaven! I must wait (qavah) on Him. Meaning “expectantly pausinging for Him to intervene and do something on my behalf.” ❤️
Interesting how 1 minute of prayer, out-loud, with another believer can clear both the head and path forward. Just like that: peace, release, hope. And for the record, light dawned for me yesterday and some answers came… I’ll wait on the rest to work out. 
God cheers all of our successes… the enemy thrills at any loss. Yet never seems to clue-in that our loses bring maturity and growth and wisdom and strength. A second chance is waiting for me today -to choose prayer first and block those tactics of the enemy!
ForGlorySake! –Anna

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