Tactics of the enemy

Fear and discouragement seem to be the enemy’s tactic of choice. Irritatingly, they usually work. Sigh …”I’m afraid God won’t come through and something bad will happen.”  …”things like this always happen to me.” …” If I don’t fight, nothing will change.” 

Heard those before? Said them yourself? Sad to say, I have. The book of Nehemiah talks about opposition by enemies of Israel, discouraging them from doing God’s work. They caused fear with words and threats. Difficulty brings discouragement, which leads to fear. But the Jews trusted in the name of the LORD their God.

I fell for something similar yesterday and waisted too much time worrying, until I remembered, we are not to fear! Written over 360 times in Scripture. Believers, be encouraged, God is on the throne! All I need to do wait (qavah) expectantly pause for Him to intervene and work on my behalf. ❤️

One minute of prayer, with my husband cleared my head and the path forward. Just like that: peace, release, hope. Light dawned even though answers didn’t. I found trust to let the rest work out in His timing. God cheers all our successes. The enemy thrills at every loss – never understanding that our failures bring maturity, growth, wisdom and strength.

A second chance awaits me today, so I’m already praying to block those tactics…

ForGlorySake! –Anna

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