Macros and Me

A year ago my chemical-engineering son explained counting macros to me and their importance. Since then I’ve been playing around and adjusting percentages, looking for the perfect balance. I’ve given each trial  about 5 months. It’s a lot of fun to me… sorta like working a puzzle.
Everyone alive eats macros. They are what make up our food: fats, carbohydrates, proteins. We consume them daily in various amounts, usually according to what our area of the world has to offer. Oftentimes so much is available – taste becomes king. 
In my macro-adjustment-journey (aka diet) I’ve tried reducing and increasing one group over another, looking for what makes my body run best. My goals (at 51) are for: mental clarity, energy (to run or lift weights daily), sleep well, keep up bone density, flexibility, and not gain excess weight. To see more muscle definition would be nice also.
This balancing act has lead me to the KETO Diet, best known for its high fat margin (70%) of calorie intake, over protein (25%) with a very small slice of carbs (5%). It’s a 30 day trial I’m doing independently, although I am aware of a few others giving this a whirl. 
So far so good and always interesting. I’m learning a ton!!! Great utube videos by a Dr. Berg and many many articles available online. Fats I’ve learned should be a balance of both animal and plant. But my carbs come almost exclusively from veggies and few berries. There is no sugar -in any form.
I’m loving the recipes, am fascinated by “intermittent fasting” and couldn’t be more satisfied with calories allotted. So much cell “repair” is explained in the videos and I’m a  big fan of that! 🙂 
That’s what’s new on nutrition… I’ll keep you posted 
ForGlorySake! –Anna

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