Macros and Me

A year ago our chemical-engineering son explained counting macros to me. Since then I’ve been playing around and adjusting percentages, looking for the perfect balance. I’ve given each trial about 5 months. It’s sorta like working a puzzle.

Everyone alive eats macros. They are what make up our food: fats, carbohydrates, and proteins. We consume them daily in various amounts, usually according to what our area of the world has to offer. Oftentimes, like in the US so much is available – taste becomes king.

In my macro-adjustment-journey, I’ve tried reducing and increasing one group over another, looking for what makes my body run best. My goals (at 51) are:

  1. mental clarity,
  2. energy,
  3. sleep well,
  4. keep bone density,
  5. flexibility
  6. no weight gain
  7. bonus: see muscle definition

I’ve tried high carb/low fat. I’ve also done high protein and moderate carb. This balancing act has lead me to KETO, best known for its high fat (70%), mid protein (25%) and low carb-load (5%). Now on a 30 day trial, like other programs – it’s interesting.

I’ve learned a lot about fats: they are essential for our brains and should be balanced between animal and plants. Great utube videos by a Dr. Berg along with many articles available online.  My carbs are like gold! I spend those daily 25 grams with care, they come almost exclusively from veggies and berries. Of course no sugar -in any form.

Great recipes, “intermittent fasting,” plenty of calories allotted, and lots of so called “cell repair” happening. I’d say, so far – so good.

 I’ll keep you posted

 ForGlorySake! –Anna

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