Prayer List

A family apart for the birth of their 1st child – deployment for a year!?
A young teen boy and his fearful over-protective mother 
A neighbor with a small child facing a drastic move across the world
Young men trying to guide a group of teenage boys on the “narrow path”
A young woman launching into ministry, needing support
Bills, deadlines, decisions, new jobs, so many hopes…
These all seem overwhelming to me but never to my GOD. He says bring them here – lay them down. I didn’t create you to carry that, but to pray earnestly and let ME “worry” about them. Oh the Peace… and with it -JOY. HE holds them, HE holds me, HE has a bigger plan and I can trust it fully, totally. 
Thank You, LORD, for the privilege to pray.
ForGlorySake! –Anna

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