Time to Pray

I enjoy the opportunity away from my daily routine because I seem to have more time to reflect and pray. Sitting in the early morning with coffee and journal asking God, “What do You see about -this or that? How can I pray better for them?…” is one of my favorite eye-opening moments. 
He never fails to guide and direct me when I ask. This month I’ve been focusing on my husband. Here’s the list I’m using from “Pages” on this blog! Click on menu.
You can take this list one-a-day or do all at once.  But I promise: PRAYER ALWAYS CHANGES  THINGS! It changes me – it changes those I pray for – it changes circumstances OR the way I see them. We are never abandoned, never alone, never hopeless. Prayer is our weapon – these moments are our tools. 
In 30 years NOT ONCE, when I’ve asked (begged) God to change my heart and mind over something/someone (especially  my husband!) did He not do it. Better said: God has heard, He has seen, He has moved in each instance. And for the record, I ask A LOT.
It’s the little irritations that grow. The small frustrations I tend to feed. The negative attitude over someone’s behavior or an unpleasant situation that grows in my mind. Warning. Danger. Stop and pray. Ask for a new perspective and a softer heart. Even, “LORD, help, I need compassion here” or “Bring us connection and empathy, quick!” 
So many daily opportunities and all the access in the world.  Now that’s just unbelievably amazing! 
Thank You LORD, for providing for us a way to come to You any-time, any-place, silent or shouting, happy or sad, needy or simply and overwhelmingly thankful. You’re the BEST! 
ForGlorySake! –Anna

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