So Very Personal

I feel GOD. I see Him. I hear Him. Daily. How? I think it’s because I’m looking for Him… expecting, waiting. And maybe it’s because I’m more about emotions and senses -not as big on factual evidence. Whatever it is, I take it as a gift.
My husband is so opposite. Very factual and analytical. He’s the thinker, skeptic, tester. Sometimes he doubts. I live with joyful confidence. We balance each other. He needs my childlike, (sometimes blind) faith and I need his cautious wisdom!
Either way GOD makes Himself known to each of us and I find that quite amazing. GOD knows how to reach the skeptic and the waiting. He uses us in each other’s life. He is so very personal and forever able. 
That brings me peace when I talk with or pray for anyone. GOD knows them, in their deepest parts. He will use our words and actions in their life for His Glory! In this, you can borrow my faith. When we offer ourselves for His purposes, He will not waste the opportunity.
Wait and see. Anticipate the adventure. Admire the differences around you. Know that GOD is personally active and aware of y o u.
ForGlorySake! –Anna

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