Just Like That

Just like that, it’s happened again. Before I could fully grasp it, another of these babies God gave me has become an adult! 18, out of school and off to college. It’s our 4th born this time headed toward the diploma ceremony -in less than a week!
I’ve had the rare and wonderful opportunity of driving our last 2 to school every day this year. I watch as they walk into high school each morning. Sometimes I snap a photo. These are treasures and reminders to me of how time flies.
Precious moments that have run into years, leave me marveling. I am so very thankful for the people my kids have become.  All strong-minded men and women who know they came from and belong to God.
In many ways the journey is just beginning. It is far from complete! Even David and I at 51 are still being changed by our kids’ challenges, growth and maturity. We feel so honored to be a part of their lives. It is a gift.
Every victory, every struggle, every heartache, and every prayer over them has been worth it… ALL of it! God has made something beautiful -for His Glory in and through family. It is a reflection of His relationship with us and it is such a JOY to witness.

Congratulations Rebekah!

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  1. Peggy Reese says:

    WHEW! What a ride you and David have been on with your big children! Yes, they are in God’s hands now and will never leave them nor forsake them. Each one is following His dreams that He planned for them before they were born. Congratulations, Rebekah and also to you, Mom and Dad!

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