Plausible Outcomes

The newest Avenger’s movie owns one of my favorite scenes where Dr. Strange uses his ability to time-warp, viewing all possible outcomes to a seemingly impossible situation. He states …”in only one we survive.”
It makes me laugh because I do something very similar. I run through potential scenarions… as if I could possibly see future outcomes, then pray: “God, this has to go this one way or all will be lost! Disaster is sure.” 
How annoying to God this must be since He truly can see the future and any and every potential outcome. Better yet, He sees His Own intervention in each one… displaying His Glory and His Will! 
God is not reliant on human decisions to have His overall Will come about.
Yes, He allows us our free choice, but His overarching Will –will be done. God has a plan for His people and His earth and it will happen. I don’t need to freak out that I can’t  imagine how. My Father already has! Nothing throws Him for a loop or takes Him by surprise. He is not in need of my panic.
And therein lies total peace and trust in a God Who sees ahead, knows fully and can work in the midst of the worst human decision-making. He’s got this! He’s got you! 
His will be done in our lives (that’s the prayer that never fails)!
ForGlorySake! –Anna

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