Becoming the mom I want to be…

Believe it or not after 24 years of “mothering” I still haven’t fully arrived! It’s an on-going, ever-changing job – this motherhood business. Mostly because our children keep changing.
There were the baby & early years where it was all about responding and chasing. My husband and I just tried to keep them alive and thought EVERYTHING our kids did was amazing and funny. A physically exhausting season but always rewarding.
Then came so much growth (!), with hormones and attitudes. These parenting years reached into adolescence and were emotionally taxing. We aimed to guide, pray over and discipline our crew as necessary… it was always necessary 😉
Now we enter their adult years -which are proving to be a joy and a rollercoaster with lots of “praying for them.” They are such fun-loving people who bring in more people and fill up the house. They have their own ideas and hopes and dreams. Sometimes watching can be scary or heartbreaking because the cost is so high, but oh the thrill when they chose God over themselves!
This ride through all the peeks and deep, deep valleys has been THE BEST JOB EVER! I wouldn’t trade one moment (although there are a few I’d like to re-visit). I love the growth-opportunity here, I love the environment to continue learning and I love the thought that there is more ahead to experience!
“Thank You God for making me a mom. Thank you David for making me a mom, thank you kids for making me a mom and for sticking with me until God makes me all I am to be!”
ForGlorySake! –Anna

With everyone 💜

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