Watching the Struggle

Nothing has been more difficult for me as a parent than watching my children struggle. Whether with a relationship, school or work load, physical pain or consequences they’ve brought on themselves – I hurt too.
My mom used to quote a poem to me, “If I could I surely would try- to keep a rainbow in your sky…” I now understand what she felt- she hurt when I hurt and wanted to relieve us both. But, thank God she couldn’t always! My best lessons have come through struggle.
Driving an old car, failing a ballet audition, changing schools & making friends, camp home-sickness, overdrawing on my checking account 3000 miles from home… moving 3000 miles from home! Room-mates, bus travel, train travel, plane travel, taxi travel, car travel (all alone!), finding my own church, finding my own way, finding my own faith!
I may hurt with my children and wish to smooth life out for them, yet they too are growing. Even through pain. Treasures gained in darkness and searching. Pearls of great price earned from struggle. God allows it, uses it, yet understands my longing to relieve it. I can trust Him with the end result because I know He loves them best.
He after all, He is our Father. ❤️
ForGlorySake! –Anna
My pearls…

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