Solve It and Move On

I love solutions. Answers to questions. Quests that have an end. I don’t love continual research without results. Seeking and seeking that causes more questions. …Waiting to move on.
Yet God, leaves me in -the quest for knowledge and answers sometimes. Sometimes, He allows the wait so I can stew and think and decide. “Why am I so anxious for answers?”
Who is in control after all? Who is sovereign over every day -every life -every event. Who is after my good and my growth? Who knows all and sees all? And counts every hair? Who hold time in His hand? Even a sparrow’s life?
Can it be the same God that loves me so much, that He sent His Son to die for me? The One Who chose me before the foundation of the world? The One Who holds all the answers to all my questions?
And as He withholds and allows this waiting… I grow. My faith is being tested which brings perseverance. Never easy. Not much fun, yet a wealth of character is promised in return. Maturity in Christ just may be worth more than a quick solution and moving on. 😉
“Teach me to rest in You, LORD, when the answers are few and the discovery is long. I know You could solve it all quickly but the time waiting is for my growth. Guide my searching and show me when to just be still.”
ForGlorySake! –Anna

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