Is Why Ok?

…Is it ok to ask: Why is this happening? Why isn’t God doing something about this? Why can’t I make it different? Why does that other person’s life seem so easy? Why me?
David and I are reading a book on trusting God. It’s led to discussions regarding asking God “why?” Searching through scripture has assured us, because of Jesus, we can ask God anything -including why… just don’t get stuck there!
God is ALWAYS working behind the scenes in our life, especially where we can’t see. When our son was spiraling down and we finally realized drugs were to blame, God used an amazing rehab to draw him out and bring him back to a place where he could hear God’s call. God was behind all that was going on, working miracles we could not see.
He is ALWAYS after our growth and our good. Rest assured His plan of Glory is bigger! When we received David’s “cancer news” (years ago) God used every day and every hour to grow us and strengthen us as a family. The journey was very difficult and yet God did not waste anything, but used it all for His Glory and our good.
He deals with each of us individually, so its unfair to compare lives. Even our daughter’s struggle through Lyme Disease has been exactly the catalyst she needed for healing in other areas of her heart. The time trying to fight it out on her own, the forced surrender for help, her then willing surrender to God …has been a blessing to see! Our journeys appear different on the outside, yet His goal to make us useful is very similar.
There is ALWAYS a point. Even now, our family holds prayer requests toward God that remain full of questions and no seeming answers. Sometimes it is only a “trust now and see later” kind of thing. And knowing that HE IS GOD AND THERE IS NO OTHER.
As to the question of “why me?” I say, “why not me?” Have Your way, LORD.
ForGlorySake! –Anna

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