The Shift…

I feel it when I wake up this morning. It was there ever so slightly yesterday …or maybe the day before. It’s lighter outside at 6:30. I’ve been hearing birds singing early. The day still has a chill, but the sun is brighter. I can see small (!) changes in my yard. I sneeze a few times mid-afternoon and am reminded to take the tiny white tablet that slowly builds up in my system before the pollen accumulates and causes me trouble.
It’s happening- slowly, slowly. The birth of a new season. Only the beginnings. But here in the south it doesn’t take much. It won’t be many weeks before green things show.
It’s the way of God also. Just when all seems bleak and hopeless… joy comes. Quietly, softly, hearts change. And then you see something different, something new -that wasn’t there before. He’s been working (knitting) behind the scene. Using everything. That’s His way! To reveal miracles of new life and new growth.
As I wait, I will see life. A shift is coming!
ForGlorySake! –Anna 

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