Comparing Originals

God is so incredibly creative that spots and stripes on animals have different and original patterns. Each snowflake is unique and each one of us too. Why, oh why, then do we mercilessly compare ourselves to each other??
I have used comparing as a guide to see how I’m coming along… Am I making progress? Gaining ground? Will what I’m working on so hard eventually succeed? Not too bad -other than I was comparing myself to another person’s accomplishment, instead of simply competing with myself.
Too quickly I have sized things up, deciding on failure because I have not been given the same tools as this “other one,” Then wallowed feeling sorry for myself. How utterly silly! When would I learn: I am an original! 
What a mess of time I wasted trying to be someone else instead of finding Joy in my original design and what I had been given to use. Perspective is everything!A man felt sorry he had no shoes, until he met a man who had no feet.”- old proverb.
When adrenaline races through my veins as I meet a total stranger and listen to their story and sense exactly where they need encouragement …. I realize that is a gift my Creator gave to me to use for His Glory! Everyone has been equipped, but each box of tools looks different.
The fun is in figuring out your gifts, the JOY is in -going and using them for God!!!
ForGlorySake! -Anna

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